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Commercial Cleaning in New York City

Commercial cleaning in New York City is a service that many different types of people take advantage of. This includes business owners, home owners, and even hotels and other service industries. The bottom line is that any time there is any type of cleaning that needs to be done, our commercial cleaners can get it done correctly, and affordably.

Read on to see some of the many different types of jobs our commercial cleaners in NYC can help you with. If you need any of these types of things done, please give us a call. Even if you have something completely unrelated to these items, we are still able to help with any type of cleaning.

Post Construction Cleaning

Having a construction crew come to your home or business to perform repairs or add on a room or any other type of work is very important, but it can also make a big mess. Let us come in and clean up any dust or other debris that was left behind. We can clean just the area where they were working, or do your entire home or business since the dust can often get all over the place.

Gym Cleaning Service

If you don’t keep your gym clean and sanitary, your clients will soon find somewhere else to work out. This is why many New York City gyms have us come in to clean their facilities on a regular basis. We can wipe down all the machines, keep the floor clean and even keep the locker rooms looking and smelling great. Whatever you need, our commercial cleaning in New York City is the perfect solution.

Newborn Cleaning when Expecting a Baby

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events in life. You want to make sure you have your home ready for your new child, and that often means cleaning it and sanitizing it from top to bottom. Unfortunately, many expecting mothers are unable to complete a lot of this type of cleaning because they have to take extra care of themselves. Our team of cleaners can come in and take care of all the work so you can sit back and care for yourself and your baby.

Post Party Cleaning

If you are planning a party it is important to also plan out how you will clean it up the next day. For many parties, this can take hours of time and make it so it is hardly worth having the party at all. This is why our post party cleaning service is an excellent option. Just call us when you know the date of the party, and we can come out the following day to get everything looking like new again. This is great for parties in your home, or at your business.

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No matter what type of commercial cleaning in New York City you need, we are here to help. We have lots of experience and will always get your home or business looking spectacular. Please give us a call at 212-294-5971 with any questions you might have or to schedule a cleaning appointment today.

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